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Top 10 Must-Haves : sleepingwithmakeup x illiyaridzuan

Hi everyone, today's post is going to be a collaboration with fellow makeup/beauty curator, @illiyaridzuan who is my go-to gal for when I want to read about a different branch of makeup, because I think she reaches out for brands and products that I don't normally go for and it is so interesting to read what she likes and what's out there. So. Having said that, I've decided to approach her to write about our Top 10 Must-Haves so all of you can get a lot of perspectives and variety of products since our taste and approach are very different from one another. So, make sure you check out her Instagram account, @illiyaridzuan where she will be talking about her favourites! Let's get started!

1. Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Game-changer!! This is what I'm calling it now. If you're an architecture student, or doing medicine - or anything that involves late-nights and long hours, you need this. It instantly cleanses away the grime that is on my face after a long day at the studio, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean. The best part is, this cleanser is sulfate-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and soap-free which is suitable and gentle enough for my dry, sensitive skin. It combats any dirt from clogging up my pores and cleans away build-up which causes acne/break-outs. I really like how it makes my skin looks substantially brighter and just really clean, overall. I have repurchased this time and time again and it is the best cleanser for my skin. If you want an extensive review, I will link the post below. Love this.

2. iS Clinical Active Serum

This is my break-out solution. I use this every single day on areas that I am already breaking out or on areas where I can see spots tryna show! This serum helps in softening and smoothing out skin, reduces fine lines, and diminishing pores and hyper pigmentation. It is essentially a chemical exfoliant, and I'd use this twice a day on spots. Usually, I am an ingredient snob but for this serum, I am willing to overlook the slight problem in this product's ingredient deck (it has alcohol in it). Hence I only apply this on problematic areas, and not using it for the whole face (as recommended). This serum works so well on my skin and fight my breakouts like no other and I pack this with me everywhere if I am travelling. This is one of my essentials for a smooth, even skin and it lasts forever since I use less than a drop for spot-treating my skin.

3. REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream

If you have sensitive skin like mine, you must've experienced stinging on the skin when using a harsh moisturiser or anything that contains fragrance. I had such bad luck with finding the right moisturiser that won't agitate the redness in my skin and with ingredients that is gentle enough in a cream. The REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream is such a great moisturiser for delicate skin and since it works as an anti-aging cream as well, it definitely does the trick in hydrating my poor, parched dry skin! I really love how clean the ingredient deck is in this moisturiser - REN Skincare is well-known for the best blends of high-grade formulas and ingredients. I love that this formula soothes and calms my skin - this is definitely a must-have for me. 

4. RMK Eyelash Curler 

I cannot go anywhere without at least curling my lashes. The RMK eyelash curler is like Shu Uemura's cooler sister. It has just enough crimp without making my lashes look too dolly-eyed, you know what I mean? So, that makes my daily looks have that underdressed, understated edge to it. The grip is also moderate - not too strong, and not too soft so my lashes don't feel like they're about to fall off whenever I curl them! I really like this RMK eyelash curler for daily use however I do save the Shu Uemura's for special days.

5. Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in Earthy Blush No.07 

In the mornings, I do get extra extra puffy and swollen in the face (especially around the eyes) and I just look super bloated so this is where Earthy No.07 comes in. The muted taupe, borderline peachy blush just gives a beautiful hint of definition wherever I need it. I use this as a contour/blush, as a transition shade, I also dust this all over my temples and forehead. Basically everywhere. The brush is not crappy either. It's in my purse for when I feel washed out and I just need a boost of colour to perk up my face. Honestly I didn't know I would like Earthy No.07 as much as I do, but I am an avid fan of neutral understated looks so Earthy No.07 has everything I need in a beautiful  compact. Earthy No.07 is the Hermione Granger of makeup - it does everything, and it does more! 

6. Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder in 20 Clair - Translucent 1

I don't know what's in this that makes the skin look so unbelievably good. My routine isn't complete without a pat of Chanel Loose Powder on my under eye, the nose and the forehead. It has a little somethin' somethin' as it has the slightest bit of coverage (teensy weensy bit tho), just enough to smooth out any uneven skintones on my skin. You know that velvety Chanel skin that you see in their ad? That's exactly what it looks like on my skin. It's not a totally flat matte powder which gives a dulled down appearance, but it just gives the smoothest texture where I need it - especially on the centre of my face which is most texturised (unfortunately). The powder is naturally very finely milled and I use this for baking the under eyes as well. I always find it funny to use the term "baking" because I can't bake for shit in the kitchen hahahahaha. Jeffree Star (whom I adore) applies this with a damp beauty blender, and I think I'll try his way soon enough cause his skin gives me life. Usually I would buff it into the skin or use a velour puff by Laura Mercier.

7. SUQQU Eyebrow Liner Pen in 01 Moss Green 

I feel bad for including this in my list but oh. my. god!! I have always opted for pencils to fill in my brows and follow up with a brow gel, and in my yesteryears I actually used powder to fill in my brows. And the thing about pencils and powders is that, you can see the pencil, and you can see the powder. Just like if you use a powder blush, it'll look far more obvious in comparison to a liquid or cream blush. So. This SUQQU brow pen has an oh-so fine tip brush to disperse the product - which is almost like a watercolour ink. 01 Moss Green is a beautiful shade of dark, ashy grey that looks so freaking natural on my brows. I can't wait to do a full-on review with photos (and possible dupes!!) on the effect that this brow pen gives. It is absolutely unbelievable, just makes my brows look like it has so much density and lots and lots of hair without looking fake and blocky. And I actually fell asleep with my makeup on, and my brows were still intact. Amazeballs. 

8. Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense 

You all know what the weather is like in KL right now hahahah. It's super scorching hot! The thing about my usual sunscreens is that it's too thick, even when I do careful thin layers, the texture of sunscreens is just too off. Although heavier creams does help in soothing my easily agitated skin, a lightweight sunblock like this Kiehl's Sunscreen is perfect for those heated afternoons. Because it's ultra lightweight, I know it won't just melt off right away and last for quite a while before I need to reapply. And I do appreciate the size of the bottle as well so I can lug it around with me and reapply whenever I need to. I like that this sunblock have a pleasant scent to it (though it is fragrance-free) and I use this on my nephews and nieces as well because it is not harsh on the skin. It's impossible not to include a sunscreen in my list because I have been harping my friends to get on the sunscreen bandwagon everytime we are walking to lunch. Hahahahahaha sorry guys. I just care about you all.

9. MAC Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare 

If you've read my previous posts, you must know that I'm loyal to my By Terry Perfect Nude Lip Definer. But this is the more reasonable, just as good, go-to lip liner in my collection. MAC Boldly Bare. This lip pencil has a beautiful brightening nude colour whereas the By Terry liner has a tinge of brown and beige. Boldly Bare is a pretty baby pink and counteracts my pigmented lips to perfection. I love to over line my lips with this colour for a fuller look and I get a lot of compliments whenever I use this colour! The texture is a little bit drying in comparison to the By Terry but nothing a lip balm can't fix. Again these two lip liners has been repurchased time and time again because they are both perfection but I will say that Boldly Bare has the upper hand to be on this list because it is simply so damn good. 

10. Diorskin Star Concealer in 02 - Medium 

We have reached the end of the list and we all know that bases are a definite must-have for every girl who loves makeup. Be it primer, foundations, powders or concealer I think bases is what makes any makeup look more perfected. For me, I don't need foundation, I don't need a primer but I need this concealer. Diorskin Star Concealer has made it into my favourites list and now it has upgraded into an essential. This concealer has exceeded expectations in every single way in terms of coverage, texture and blendibility. Make up artist, Morag, has also confessed that this concealer is the perfect quick fix, go-to concealer. It is so simple to use, and just the essence of a Dior makeup - high-quality, beautiful and ultimately a girl's best friend. I use this to cover up any dark spots and brighten up the complexion and this concealer just works wonders. 

And that is it for my current must-haves! I hope you guys had fun snooping into my top shelf and do let me know what are your can't-live-withouts. I always enjoy reading your comments and starting a conversation on my posts. Be sure to read Illiya's must-haves on her Instagram, @illiyaridzuan - and have a happy weekend! Thank you for hanging out! 

Farah x 


  1. Your essentials are so well curated. I think you might be my favourite blogger for honest reviews!!! Others need to step it up cause this bitch knows her shit sori for the profanity

  2. You know what will be cool for you to post? An inspired look! Like a Victoria's Secret inspired or Chanel inspired look. I know you did one ( I think) but making a video tutorial will be so fun to watch!