Saturday, 12 March 2016

Should You Bother? Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl

Before Sephora was, I was on the waiting list for Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl.... for a year. Luxola was notorious for having half of their store out of stock, so it was a frustrating and painstakingly long process to get my hands on this Lisa Eldridge favourite, who was one of the many makeup artists I turn to for (online) advice. Finally on the 1st of February, it was available on so I added the goddamn thing into my cart and never looked back. Becca was a brand known for giving the skin a perfected glow - they do it in all sorts of textures too. Liquids, creams, poured, pressed powders - you name it. I wasn't really interested in powders or cream highlighters due to their lack of versatility in comparison to liquids, which you can mix in with bases and moisturisers easily, so my impulse shopping urges were totally held back when I was browsing on Becca's page hahaha. 

Price & Packaging

It comes in a clear, flat matte tube (which is funny cause it is a shimmering highlighter) (is this an inside joke Becca) (oh the irony) (I'm easily amused) . The packaging feels so satisfying to the touch, it's hard to explain but the matte texture does something to me. Design features of makeup products just gets to me and I can't help wanting things just for their packaging #architectproblems. May I just chime in with the fact that the plastic lid cover broke. I think it may be because of my own doing of lugging this in my schoolbag where I go hahaha. But it broke on the edges so now the lid comes off easily. I don't know whether the packaging is not sturdy or I'm just too rough with it. Anyway. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector retails for MYR189.00 with 15ml worth of product, which I can conveniently see how much product I've used up through the clear tube. Isn't it ridiculously expensive? I died on the inside when I pressed the Add to Cart button.. Although 15ml is a lot but still, it doesn't quite justify the price because do I really need 15ml worth of highlight

Texture & Application

The one thing that can make or break a product is the texture. What makes it to my top shelf (especially skincare products) will always be something that has top-notch skincare ingredients, hydrates and protects my skin, doesn't break me out AND on top of that, has a bomb-ass texture. I know, I am so not fussy hahaha. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector is more creamy in consistency rather than liquidy and runny. This allows for a precise placement on the high points of the face as it won't get where it's not supposed to and be super messy. One thing though, a full pump (shown in photo) gets too much product out, so be careful not to waste. Also, it can be too thick of a texture when you're all sweaty and bothered so I don't recommend to apply all over the face unless you'll be staying indoors or going out at night, or have normal-dry skin. For me personally, I like the texture because I have really dry and sensitive skin so the extra moisture is a plus.

I prefer applying this with my fingers dotting on the products at the highest points of my face and blending it out towards the edges so there are no distinct line to where I've placed the highlight. I also mix this in with my current body moisturiser by PRTY PEASHUN and it just gives me a really nice luminous glow and extra hydration which feels really comfortable. I generally would use this after priming my skin and before concealing, I add just a dot underneath the eyes to brighten it up pre-concealer and it gives me a boost of light to combat my dark circles. Texture-wise, it's liquidy enough to mix with other bases without changing the colour/consistency of the product I mix it with, and creamy enough to give me control in application

(L : before, R : after) 

Colour, Pigmentation & Finish

Pearl is a pure white shimmering cream which just gives my skin an ethereal glow. Whenever I use this, my skin looks so much brighter, more even-toned and I get a lot of compliments, too! Under a spotlight or any kind of direct lighting, Aiman notices that my skin is shimmering and is brighter, as per quote "your skin looks like a mermaid that just got out of the ocean" hahahahaha. That can be a good thing or a bad thing cause whenever I use this, I do notice that the back of my hands (usually where I pump out the product before applying it to the face) it becomes very shimmery when it hits any direct lighting and has an extra sheen. Personally, I love it. But too much shimmer might not be everybody's cup of tea. It photographs really well and the micro-pearls in the liquid reflects light and makes my skin appear brighter (how many times do I need to use this word). It doesn't give you the in-your-face-highlight effect a powder or cream highlight could give, but I very much am happy with the subtle luminosity it gives. I do have other more intense highlight for those special occasions but Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl is my every day go to for a fresh-faced look. 

day-time lighting, direct sun

This photo above is Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector placed on the inner corners of the eyes, under the brow bones, on top of the brow bone, onto the cheekbones, the cupid's bow, bridge of the nose and in between my brows (ummm well, I'm basically bathing my face with highlight lol). I've also placed the product underneath my eyes and top it off with a concealer. Again, despite the ridiculous amount of areas I've covered, it is very subtle and just gives a healthy glow and moisture to my other-wise dry skin. Also, I only need half a pump to cover those areas, probably even lesser. For day-time looks, I've kept the rest of my makeup pretty minimal (I mean, it looks minimal hahaha).

evening, around 5-ish, direct sun

Then for the evening-time, I've amped up the makeup by smudging my favourite Chanel kohl on the eyes (reviewed here), added a little bit more Earthy No.07 onto the perimeters of my face and topped it off with the highlight again. Here, you can see how well the photo picks up the glow from the highlight, especially in the inner corners and on the cupid's bow. Do I think is a good product? It's an excellent product. Do I think you need it? Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors is just one of those things that you didn't realise you needed until you actually have it. I do think it changes the way my skin looks, but I highly think it's more of an extra step as opposed to being a necessity. What should be a necessity is making sure you have a bomb-ass skincare routine, enough water in a day, some form of exercise (30 mins per day is more than enough), and a healthy diet (I suck at this though hahaha). After that, we can be hot and bothered with this highlight.


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