Thursday, 24 March 2016

Game Changer : Peter Thomas Roth's Gentle Foaming Cleanser

I have been around the block with cleansers. I've tried it all. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, Shu Uemura Ultim8 Oil Cleanser, Philosophy's Purity, iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, Hada Labo Tamago Cleanser, what else .... Aesop's Parsley Seed Cleanser, what else, what else, I can't seem to recall but yes I've been around the block. They are all good cleansers, in my honest opinion - I've enjoyed using the products, especially Shu Uemura's Oil Cleansers, it smells heavenly. But not one of these cleansers has managed to convince me for a repurchase but one - The Gentle Foaming Cleanser by Peter Thomas Roth.

Peter Thomas Roth touched down Sephora a good 3-4 years ago I should say, and I was never truly interested in their brand since 1. It's very expensive 2. I was complacent with my other skincare brands like Kiehl's and Caudalie. So, back when I ran out of my current cleanser, I can't recall which I was using, I think it was the Purity Cleanser, I got on Paula's Choice Beautypedia and started racking the list for a high-grade cleanser with clean ingredients. And on top of that list, I saw Peter Thomas Roth's Gentle Foaming Cleanser.

Admittedly, even when I got to Sephora, I was so hesitant on purchasing the cleanser because it was so damn expensive but I decided to go for it as I really wanted to test out this cleanser - I even told myself, "I'll keep the receipt in case I want to return it" don't we all do that? Lol. When I got home from Sephora I immediately tested the cleanser out, as it has been a long day out and my mascara was smudged everywhere and guys - I fell in love with it. It took all my makeup off, didn't even need to double cleanse and my skin actually looks brighter after each cleanse. OK. Enough of that long-ass intro (yes that was just an intro hahahaha) and lets get on to the review!

Price & Packaging

You can get Peter Thomas Roth exclusively at Sephora and department stores like Robinsons (The Gardens). This cleanser costs $39 (I seriously forgot how much they are charging in Sephora Malaysia, but my lucky guess is MYR140++). You get 200ml worth of product and I appreciate that it comes in an opaque tube and a nice pump which means that the ingredients will be stable and it is not affected by sunlight. The thing about this cleanser though since it is a foam-based cleanser, the liquid inside does tend to run out of the pump if you're travelling with it and it is not upright, so be careful about lugging it around or packing it in a luggage. It made a mess on my clothes, as the high temperature further increases the liquidity of the product making it runny. Otherwise, the packaging is brilliant and looks borderline clinical from its clean cut container.

Texture & Application

As the name of the product suggested, it is a foam-based cleanser and feels very airy and comfortable on the skin. Since it is sulfate-free, the foam is created by the pump itself where the liquid constituents inside are mixed with air in the foam chamber - but let's not get too techy about it (although I can go on haha). One pump dispenses enough product to cover my whole face, but two pumps is needed if I have heavy eye makeup on (it removes waterproof makeup too!). The directions on the packaging suggests to apply 2 to 3 pumps onto moistened skin - which is actually a pretty accurate instructions, although seriously 1 pump is more than enough. You do not apply this on wet, drenched skin but it actually works better on dry-slightly moistened skin. I wash this off with lukewarm water, and it leaves my skin squeaky clean, but if you want to, you can opt for a muslin cloth for further exfoliation.

Ingredients & Suitability

The ingredient deck on this cleanser is very satisfactory as it is sulfate-free, soap-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free. This means that it is suitable for my skin, which is very sensitive and dry. Other ingredients include wheat, amino acids, Vitamins A C & E as well as glycerin. After cleansing, my skin feels clean and a little bit taut - but nothing unbearable. The good thing about this cleanser is that it doesn't irritate the skin and it doesn't sting my eye, so the redness in my skin usually around my cheeks are localised and not agitated. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and I really do think it does its' claims! The cleanser also keeps my skin feeling really fresh and to emphasise that effect, after using lukewarm water to clean the product out, I like to splash my face with cold water.

(post-cleansing bare skin *gasp*)

I think cleansers are one of the things that can immediately change the way your skin looks, and this cleanser deserves its own post because it has changed my skin from being very prone to breakouts into a good condition with minimal break-outs. I am very impressed with how this cleanser reacts with my skin, and I do think its overpriced but nothing else works as well as this cleanser does! It is very gentle, and I use this twice a day (perhaps even more on certain occasions) and it doesn't strip my skin dry. So, if you're on a look-out for a game-changer, drop by the PTR counter and grab this cleanser. It's worth it. If you've found your holy grail cleanser, drop me a comment! I wanna know what it is, and how it changed your skincare game! Stay tuned for this coming posts because I will be talking exclusively on Korean makeup, do follow me on Instagram, @kingfrh, for updates. Thank you for hanging out x 

Farah x

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  1. Wow. Your skin looks great!!!!! How long have you been using PTR?