Sunday, 14 February 2016

Date Night Make Up Look

It's V-DAY guys. How's your Valentine's Day going so far?? For today (or rather tonight), I was inspired to create a makeup look with a lot of earthy burgundies and charcoal greys, as opposed to the typical blushed nudes and golds for a date night. This isn't the normal amount of makeup I usually wear, but it's just a lil' sumthin' sumthin' just for the fun of it. Why buy it if you ain't gonna use it, right? So, if you're feeling inspired to go through your makeup stash, and you're interested to recreate this look, keep on reading! 

Straight to the deets. *this is not your typical no makeup makeup, you have been warned*

No brows on for tonight simply because I ran out of my trusty Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows (Which was used in most previous posts makeup looks. I alternate between this or the Chanel Brun CendrĂ©). But tadi I just bought a new one, I didn't repurchase the Clinique pencil this time. I was eyeing the Burberry Pencil so I've decided to pick that one up instead. Can't wait to try it! If you're itching to fill in the brows, for me, if you're gonna do a smokey eye, don't fill it in too harshly, know what I'm saying? Keep it light, or if you still prefer a full filled-in brow, use a lighter colour than your natural hair. Just my personal preference. Moving on. 

I first started with a transition colour blended softly into the crease using The Balm's Bahama Mama (cool toned taupe) and Inglot's M312 (light coral). And then I've deepened the colour further with Revlon's Wine Not. And Wine Not isn't actually a shadow, it's actually a beautiful soft purple blush. Then I added Chanel Le Crayon Kohl Rouge Noir on the whole lid and blend it up and out towards the crease. Because I was in the mood, I actually added a Seventeen Khol Pencil in F080 (medium teal) mixed with a white Make Up For Ever's Khol Pencil which created the complex grey tone on the lids. I know, what kind of mood was that? I've basically used 3 different liners in this look. Of course you can suit this to your personal mood, and tone for colours, but basic rule of thumb is picking a fairly light-medium neutral for your transition colour, a good blending brush, and a pop of colour, and you're good to go.

For the next step I've used Urban Decay's Booty Call on the inner corners of the eyes and packed on The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer on the centre of the lids which further lighten the grey tones. Lastly, I've done up a small winged liner with Maybelline's Studio Gel Liner (it's the bomb dot com btw. So, so good. The only liner I have and need) (did I say 3 liners already? Well, fine it's 4 liners). And for this, really get it as close to the lash line as possible, cause a thick liner is just not what this look is about. Again, I just feel like we need to strike a balance between all the smoked out eyeshadow with a thin, fine liner. Afterwards, I curled my lashes with the RMK eyelash curler. Mascara used is still Chanel's Inimitable. Lol is it time to replace my mascara already? Maybe hahahaha. 

For the base, I took the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl and concentrated it at the highest points of my face, and blended it softly, thinning the product outwards. And I've actually used this all over the body as well, and I can see the shimmers all over my hands, but I cannot see it on my face? That was tripping me out hahahaha (A side note : Becca's Pearl is great on medium skin tones as well, I don't find it showing up grey on my face. I personally do not like a gold-toned highlight that Opal/Moonstone offers, so if you're in the look-out for a highlight that brightens up the face, go for pearl). After that I took a primer on the centre of my face, where I have a lot of redness just to tone it down a bit. Then I cleaned up the under-eye area and sharpened the eye shadow with my Diorskin Star Concealer in 02 and baked the concealer with Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder (Yo, I was really feeling it, I told ya'll). Then I applied the transition colours and added mascara on the lower lashes to complete the eyes.

As far as contouring goes, I've used Burberry's Light Glow Natural Blush in Earthy No.07 to sculpt the cheekbones, the jawline and dust it around the forehead and temples - basically everywhere right, honey. Aiman took a photo of my side profile last night and I wasn't having it. That photo was asking me what jawline, Farah? Where is your neck?? Naturally I forced him to delete it and naturally it's still in his phone. You wait.. Anyway, I've used my Inglot blush in #28 and added the Mary-Lou Manizer at the highest points of my face, basically wherever I've used the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector just to top it all off. I mean, we were heading to a crowded place tonight so I need him to be able to spot me from Venus thanks to my highlight. You're welcome. 

Because I was really feeling it, I've used my By Terry Plumping Curve & Contour Definer in Perfect Nude and the Rouge Terrybly in Terrybly Nude (reviewed here, comprehensively, I got your back) so that's basically one lip combo that makes my bank account cry on the inside. So that is it! That was my V-Day makeup for the night. Of course these photos were taken after going out, and I was pleasantly surprised that the makeup was long-lasting, especially the eye makeup. What did you wear out today? Let's chat about it! Thank you for hanging out with me today, and Happy Valentine's Day! 

(change of outfit, and I've topped off the lipstick to show the lip pairings)

(without flash, and focusing on my AutoCAD drawings lol)

Okay, now that's finally it. Goodnight x 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Late-Night Swatches : NARS x Steven Klein Collection


As you can see from the title, we will be going to the NARS side today. I have been playing around with some of NARS' products for a while now, tested them out and it is due time for a comprehensive, swatch-filled review! The products that I've picked out to talk about are specifically from the Steven Klein Colour Collection,  listed below -

NARS x Steven Klein Eyeshadow in Never Too Late
NARS x Steven Klein Killer Shine Lipstick in Besame Mucho
NARS x Steven Klein Killer Shine Lip Gloss in Provoke

The Steven Klein Color x Gifting Collection was - for me - one of the most creative collection NARS has collaborated with, and they've done plenty. The aesthetics of the collection was different, and controversial, provocative - well, it's Steven Klein we're talking about here, so don't expect any cute-sy shit. The collection played well with his line of work - from the colours, the textures and even the names of each item (he named most of it, anyway) which was quite interesting, to see an art form taking shape into cosmetics. You can look up the Gifting Collection, packaging is just wow. In architecture we call it in-adaptation ;) but we won't get into my half hour lecture on that lol. I wasn't quite impressed with the blushes in this collection, but if you're looking for the motherload of pigmented, silky blushes, an excellent one would be the Blame It On Nars palette (swatched and reviewed here). In KL, you can still grab the Steven Klein collection, but I'm convinced that it is off the NARS website already to make way for SS16 collection. Since it's Steven Klein, we'll start with the lips.

NARS x Steven Klein Killer Shine Lipstick in Besame Mucho

Colour & Pigmentation

I wanted this lip colour since it launched, but it was sold out everywhere, so I was pleasantly surprised when this particular shade arrived at my doorstep. Described as a "deep rose-beige", I find that the beige tones are more prominent on me. I would rather describe it as a peachy brown nude, to be honest, at least that is what it is on my skin tone. It is an easy everyday colour to pull off. If you have medium-dark skin tone, I'm afraid this might be a tad too pale and will have that "concealer lips" effect hence the need for a darker lip liner. Again, I will recommend By Terry's Perfect Lip Liner in Perfect Nude, or in terms of colouring, anything brown-based or a deep neutral. It might be a nude, but since it is a NARS lipstick, they don't skimp on the pigments. Pigmentation is crazy good.

Texture, Finish & Application

I never actually liked wearing non-matte lipstick, it's just a preference of mine, but for some reason, this lipstick just gives out a unique finish than any other lipsticks out there. Marketed as the Killer Shine Lipstick Collection, Besame Mucho has an almost latex-like sheen to the lips, making it look super super glossy and fuller looking. That is the problem with most non-matte lipsticks in the market nowadays, it's always neither here or there. If you're not gonna be matte, you better be something, right?! This was exactly the finish I was looking for in a creamy lipstick, it was so shiny that it is almost wet-looking, and Nars and Steven Klein killed it on the formulation of the Killer Shine Lipsticks. It feels very comfortable on the lips and doesn't dry out my lips at all. I love it. Oh, btw, these lipsticks are very very moisturising (more oils than wax in the formulation) so, don't leave them in your clutch or in the car (God forbid) as these will melt. My lipstick tray is just by my window on display, and I can see that the bullet is melting off day by day, this lipstick is now in my fridge on a rehab, lol.

NARS x Steven Klein Killer Shine Lip Gloss in Provoke

Colour & Pigmentation 

On the website, it is described as a "deep, iris purple". This product has a cool undertone with specks of blue and violet michoshimmers distributed within the gloss. I am not a gloss kind of girl, so it was one shocking moment (see what I did there, Nars) that I am head over heels with this gloss. The colour is unbelievably beautiful, and not to mention pigmented. I could barely see the pigments of my lips with one swipe, and I think one layer is ample to wear for a daytime look, but to amp up the colour, as well as the texture, it is buildable and builds damn well, too. In flash photography, it looks almost lavender purple, and it is so, so beautiful, I feel like if you layer this on top of a white-based nude lip, it would give some of the lavender action in natural light. I'll try mixing Besame Mucho with the gloss and let you know how it goes. 

Texture, Finish & Application

The Killer Shine Lip Gloss gives the look of having patent leather lips, almost plastic-looking effect. This doesn't just have that killer shine, I think the gloss is the definition of the killer shine. It is so wet-looking and dramatic, and the application goes on quite unlike any other glosses, as it is not very sticky due to the patent effect in the product. It feels almost like you're applying melted latex to your lips (I use the word latex a lot but dammit Steven Klein I know you were thinking it). The gloss doesn't come with the usual doe-foot but it comes with a tiny, long linear brush. It makes sense actually as you need small, precise doses of the gloss to have an even, smooth layer on the lips. Again, these do not dry out the lips one bit. To remove the gloss, simply wipe off the product with a clean, dry cotton tip - absolutely free of mess and so, so quick. That is all, no joke.  It does slightly stain the lips, so use a good micellar or makeup remover afterwards.

Nars x Steven Klein Single Eyeshadow in Never Too Late

Colour & Pigmentation

And we've saved the best for last.

Never Too Late is an olive green with gold shimmers, on my skin tho it comes off as a neutral taupe-y green on me. It has a slight brown undertone to the colour, and it is so gorgeously silky and finely milled! I surely wished that the pigment is slightly stronger in this shadow as per swatched below, as it took me 2-3 go's for it to even show up on my arms. In the eye look below, I have taken Inglot Freedom Eye Shadows in #342 in the outer corner of my eyes and slightly blended into the crease. I've used Booty Call from Urban Decay to highlight at the inner corners. Never Too Late is then used on the outer corners to deepen the shadow as well as  all over the lid and blended up and out towards the crease to give a soft wash of neutral. The shimmers in the shadow is finely milled and shows up beautifully on the lids. I have a dupe for the Never Too Late shadow, which is swatched below, but it is a matte shadow, so if you don't like shimmers on the lids (WHY??), you can opt for the dupe instead. Never Too Late is a different kind of neutral, for all you hipsters out there who says nay to your good ol' taupes.

Texture, Finish & Application

As all of Nars' eyeshadows are, the texture of Never Too Late is so finely milled that my M.A.C. 217 is going wtf because everything just automatically blends itself when it touched ma face lol. It's really easy to wear for an unusual colour because it isn't your typical neutral and it is cool-toned as well, so blendibility is key. And this colour has that key. The finish is a satin finish and it is mildly shimmery, nothing too crazy but it has a nice balance and you can use this colour to deepen the outer corners if you're going for a lighter, subtle look. You can use this shadow wet/dry (here I've used it dry) and this lasted me throughout the day, as expected cause we expect nothing less from Nars. I do find that patting this on the lid first with a flat shader brush or a Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep brush to lay the colours is better as the green would show up better, as oppose to the brown undertones. The colour builds up nicely on the lids, but as I mentioned before, it is not as pigmented as I wished it was. There is no fall out and the eyeshadow doesn't kick up a lot of powder as well. Nice!

L to R : NARS Isola Bella, M.A.C. Yash, NARS Besame Mucho, Dior 5 Couleurs in Royal Khaki, NARS Never Too Late, Urban Decay Shame, NARS Provoke 

Since this is a limited edition, I have swatched out dupes/comparable products next to the Steven Klein ones, and they are almosssst identical - but still, these items are quite unique! The Urban Decay lipstick for example (swatched and reviewed here) is more of a raspberry toned but Provoke is definitely not red-based and it is straight up purple. For makeup enthusiast, we are all probably picky on that end. But if you just wanted to scratch an itch, there are a lot of similar colours out there. Hey, let me know if you came across one just like these! Overall, I do find myself liking these NARS collectibles and I am definitely excited for any upcoming collaborations in the near future. The Steven Klein colours are definitely pretty with a twist and as a makeup enthusiast, I was quite pleased that he made the effort to come out with the Killer Shine formulations with Nars as it is just so unique and I have nothing quite like it (especially the lipstick, not being suitable for the tropics and all hahaha). 

Makeup Worn

(no primer, no foundation)
Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows in Soft Brown
Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara
Diorskin Star Concealer in 02
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (Booty Call, Foxy)
NARS Blame It On Nars Palette (Day Dream)
Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in No.07 Earthy Blush
NARS x Steven Klein Eyeshadow in Never Too Late
NARS x Steven Klein Killer Shine Lipstick in Besame Mucho

Saturday, 6 February 2016


Ever heard about Glossier? If you are a cool city gal, and you're looking for the perfect no makeup makeup look, head over to Glossier  to find out more about the brand, and discover their Phase 1 set which is all about perfecting that no makeup game. Glossier has been kind enough to provide you a 20% discount off for any your first purchase! Just use the link down below, and 20% off will be automatically added when you checkout. For starters, I would recommend getting their Perfecting Skin Tint and/or Boy Brow! Enjoy!

For 20% discount on your first purchase -

Lots of love,

Friday, 5 February 2016

Late-Night Swatches : M.A.C YASH

Hi guys!! I am so glad to be halfway through the week, it's almost the weekend already! I've been so tired from working non-stop, for a submission earlier today, and I thought I would do another late-night swatch session before hitting the hay. Today we will be going to swatch none other than M.A.C.'s YASH. Before I begin -

I have done a little bit of observation today because when I've reached home, I've received some NARS goodies from the Steven Klein collection (I know, I was overjoyed!). It was so thoughtful of NARS New York to send over some of their limited editions for me to try out. While I was looking more into the products, I was trying to figure out whether the NARS lipstick I received was a full-size or a deluxe-sample size, BUT to my surprise, it was a hefty 3.4g - a full-size, of course. And I was doing a little bit of comparison from my lipstick stash -

By Terry Rouge Terrybly (3.5g)
Marc Jacobs New Nudes (3.6g)
and M.A.C's lipsticks (3.0g)

Price & Packaging

I mean, it's funny how I'm being particular about the bullet on an average .5g differences from the other lipsticks, because a M.A.C. lipstick is definitely cheaper (MYR74). But, I mean - c'mon you can get a 3.6g lipstick from Marc Jacobs for MYR100 which offers a really great formulation/colour palette as well, so I don't know, it just puts me off that M.A.C. is not on par with it's quantity, considering it being a high-end product.

The matte black packaging is not my favourite. Because 1. No magnetic closure 2. I don't like the bullet-shape. It is considerably tiny in comparison to my lipstick collection that I have out on display, and it just sticks out oddly because my other lipsticks all have a flat-top on the lid. I don't find that M.A.C. lipsticks look particularly luxurious and for the price I'm paying, let's just say I expected more.

Anyway, back to M.A.C.'s Yash.

L to R : In warm-light, without flash/In cool-light, with flash

Colour & Pigmentation

Described as a deep neutral, I do find that this colour has enough balance of brownish/pinkish undertones and pigments, which means it is absolutely gorgeous on tanned skin girls!! Like, finally. It pulls both pink and brown - and which tone becomes more dominant certainly depends on your skin undertone and the lighting and so forth. That's the thing about lipsticks, it's not as simple as you think. The pigmentation of YASH is quite unbelievable. One swipe, you get a full opaque coverage. I always go over with my By Terry's Perfect Nude to bring out the brown undertones, which is what I prefer. You can adjust the lip colour with any kinds of lip liner, if you want. Play with the colours. It's just makeup.

L : warm-light/cool-light

Texture, Finish & Longevity

Often times, a matte nude lip will come off patchy and uneven but with this I do find that it is capable of giving a good even application, and it isn't overly matte although it is drying my lips out. I don't blame the product entirely but as my lips are easily chapped and couldn't take a formula that is even a tad bit drying, it simply doesn't pass the moisture level 100 test then hahaha. It applies very evenly and sits comfortably on the lip. When I say it is drying my lips out, I feel it after a whole day of wear-time, but for a good 5-6 hours - no such effect can be felt. The pigmentation do lasts for quite a while, without the need to touch up. I would say 4-5 hours. It is not overly matte but by no means it is "shiny" or has a sheen to it. It's just nice. I did apply a lip balm underneath it, in the lip swatch, hence the sheen. It's not as matte as a liquid lipstick. This doesn't emphasise on any chapped lips, it kind of smoothes over it, but I do find it settling into fine lines, a tad bit.

Overall, I do find that I reach for this colour a lot when I want a polished, put-together, day-time look. If it pleases you, I am waiting for my first ever liquid lipstick by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I mean, if I'm going to the liquid lipstick world, might as well go for the best. I have reviewed the Hourglass Opaque Rouge before on my blog, and I'm so excited for my Jeffree Stars to arrive. M.A.C.'s Yash is the exact dupe for Jeffree Star's Celebrity Skin, so I will definitely do a comparison in the near future. I really like Yash and this is my first M.A.C. lipstick and I'm so glad I went for this colour - it's sort of the underdog of nudes in M.A.C. as it's lesser known compared to the likes of Velvet Teddy, Taupe, and Faux.

Let me know what are your favourite M.A.C. lipstick/products you can't live without in the comments. I hope you enjoy this session of Late-Night Swatches and thank you for hanging out!

Makeup Worn in Photo

Base -

Diorskin Star Concealer in 02 (applied on the under-eye)
Chanel Libre Poudre Universelle in 02 Claire (applied on the under-eye, forehead, and nose)
Inglot DS502 as a contour
NARS Daydream blush
The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer

Eyes -

Chanel Quad in Voyage 
Maybelline Gel Liner 
Chanel Inimitable Mascara

Lips -

By Terry Perfect Lip Liner in Perfect Nude