Friday, 25 March 2016

The Perfect Orange Spring/Summer Lips : Touch In Sol Vivid Lip Crayon in #02 Wild Tangerine

Hi everyone! I've been doing a little bit of makeup shopping recently and this time it is exclusively Korean makeup! So get ready for an array of Korean makeup products to be reviewed and tested on sleepingwithmakeup. I am so thrilled to finally get myself around trying Korean makeup as I gotta be honest with you guys, I stayed away from Korean brands because the marketing and packaging seems gimmicky but I don't think it matters anymore since I have found a lot of gems within Korean brands! I am glad that I did get out of my comfort zone (goodbye Sephora hahaha) because Korean makeup is sooooo fun!!

So, the first lucky product to be reviewed today is Touch in SOL's 1 Sec Vivid Lip Crayon in 02 Wild Tangerine. Touch in SOL is fairly new brand to enter Malaysia, I believe it was launched a month ago at SaSa (or even less). I had the toughest time picking out what I wanted because frankly speaking, I wanted everything! The products that stood out to me on their display was their primers (especially the pore filling primer), the vivid lip crayons and their cushion blushers. I wanted to pick up the pore filling primer as well, which is called the No Problem Primer (geddit lol) but they were out of stock - maybe next time. OK, lets get on to the review!

Price & Packaging

The Vivid Lip Crayons come in a lacquered black tube, and it is a double ended pencil. On one side, you get the actual product, (not a fine nib, but not too gigantic like Clinique Chubby Sticks) and on the other end you get a smudge pen, which is this very spongey point applicator. The Vivid Lip Crayon is a twist-up crayon - do you see those stripes on the smudger end? That's where you twist to get more product. And being a twist-up product, you get a measly 1.8g and this will cost MYR31.70. In comparison to a Revlon Matte Balm, you get 2.7g for the same price (even less) and a Clinique Chubby Stick has 3g worth of products. The cap is a clear acrylic tube and you would know when the cap is secure when you hear a tiny "click" - which is great. Packaging is quite sturdy, weighted and doesn't feel cheap. The box that it comes with has colourful scribbles on it is actually the full colour range offered in the 1 Sec Vivid Lip Crayons. How about the blue one? Yes, they have a blue lip crayon, too!

Colour & Pigmentation

These lip crayons may look fun, but they don't play. The pigments in these crayons are sick! Especially the brighter colours like the oranges, reds, and pinks. I've swatched all the colours in-store,  they are all nice vibrant colours, but I ended up gravitating towards Wild Tangerine #02 more which is a vivid orange shade. This particular shade has a true orange colour and the best thing about these crayons is that you can mix them in with other shades (within the range as well as other brands) and they blend in beautifully. That's what the smudger is for! When swatched, the pigments stay true to colour but once applied to the lips, the colour appears brighter and stronger as my lips are naturally pigmented. If you want to retain the true colour of the lipstick, dab in a bit of concealer to tone down the natural colours of your lips and you'll be good to go. This shade is definitely a more yellow-based orange as opposed to red or coral-based oranges. I actually prefer yellow-based oranges, although it can make your teeth look yellow if you're not careful. Since my lips are naturally more red, it definitely toned down the yellow undertones.

Texture & Application

The texture of the crayon is very slippy, almost feels oily to touch. It does contain a ton of emollients based on the catalogue online, which is sadly in Korean so I can only understand the pictures of papayas, avocados, blueberries and some other fruits that are present in the ingredients. Even though the crayon glides on nicely, it dries down to a powder- so I would say it has a satin matte finish overall. If you add more layers on, of course the glossiness of the lip crayon can be emphasised but after 4 - 5 hours of weartime, the emollients of the lip crayon disappear from your lips but the pigment stays and leaves a stain on your lips. I do have to say that you must exfoliate your lips as it can settle into your fine lines once it set and has dried down to a powdery finish. The application of the lip crayon is an absolute breeze and it wasn't difficult to line my lips with it despite the nib being quite large. The good thing about the crayon is that it doesn't tug on my lips and it is pigmented enough that I don't need to use a lip liner to boost this lip crayon.

(dabbed into bare lips) (that's my cat!! hehe)
(one layer of colour onto bare lips)
(two layers of colour onto bare lips)
(one layer of colour with concealer underneath the lips)
(two layers of colour with concealer underneath the lips)

I think the Touch in Sol 1 Sec Vivid Lip Crayon is a winner for me, particularly this colour as it is the perfect spring/summer lip. I can bring out the colour for a bold look and tone it down as well, for a pastel orange lip. So, Wild Tangerine #02 is such a versatile shade and I have been looking for an orange lipstick that isn't too red, so this is perfect. I don't get why it is called"1 Sec Lip Crayon" but maybe because it glides on so well, that you could do your lips in one second? I don't know about that.. but I would definitely say it is easy to work with. The smudge pen might come in handy when you wanna mix the lip crayon with other shades or when you want to get the Korean trademark gradient lips (anybody want to see a Korean-trend makeup look??). The only thing about this is that the powder finish might cause the product to look a bit patchy when I have dry lips. But the colour is gorgeous!! Let me know what your favourite K-makeup products are and be sure to drop by soon for more Korean makeup talks! Thanks for hanging out x

You can purchase Touch in Sol at SaSa KLCC and selected franchises
or via Guardian Pharmacy here : (Guardian - touch in sol - New cosmetic in town from Korean‎)

Farah x

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  1. I'm happy you listen to your regular readers:) at least I think you do haha . I love Touch in Sol,esp their honey primer

    1. Yes, what the readers want the readers get! I love your suggestions so thank you x How do you find the honey primer? I tried it on in-stores, even the texture is like actual honey - very creative

  2. Also,where did you get your jacket? Its so pretty and very 'street style' looking.

    1. The jacket is something borrowed (it's my brother's hahaha) but it's from Adidas - you can find similar ones from H&M too.