Friday, 4 March 2016

Burberry Earthy Blush No. 07 + Ordering from Sephora MY

Hello everybody! Today we are going to dive into yet another session of late-night swatches, and I will be sharing with you my first experience purchasing some Burberry products off Sephora MY, and most importantly, reviewing the purchase itself. I have never delved into Burberry Beauty before, and initially I wanted to pick up their lipstick in Nude No.100 and the Lip Definer in Nude No.100 (surprise, surprise) but the Burberry counter in Pavilion was out of stock for these products, and they promised to give me a call when they have it in (which they did, to my surprise, good customer service I must say) but I already lost interest in getting those two lipsticks, and was more intrigued with Earthy No. 07, which was out of stock as well. I wanted the Earthy No. 07 mainly due to the fact that all of the contour/blush powders that I currently have in my collection are quite intensely dark, for example The Balm's Bahama Mama, Kevyn Aucoin's Sculpting Powder in Medium and a few other medium taupe shadows from various companies. So, I was delighted when Sephora launched their online website, (you can check it out here) and all of my out-of-stock woes are done. I immediately took the plunge and ordered two products online, which was the Burberry blush and a highlighter from Becca Cosmetics (a review on that will be up soon, too!)

I've placed my order on Sephora on the 1st of February which was when it first launched, and got a MYR30 off for my purchases in conjunction to the launching. And because my bill accumulated more than MYR80, the shipping charges were let go, which was quite expensive for my liking (MYR20), and on top of that, it took them 5 whole days to ship out the product, and they are delivering it from Singapore. I mean. Not cool. To be quite frank, I always order off Space NK, which is a UK based luxury cosmetics website and they only charge five pounds (MYR30) for standard international delivery and takes 14 - 21 days to reach my doorstep. I was so taken aback with the fact that Sephora was charging way too high for delivery charges and it being so slow (given how near Singapore is to KL), so that is something to think about when purchasing. And since we are on this topic, I'd like to mention briefly that provides free shipping worldwide, so if you are interested to purchase ANYTHING from the Burberry range, please do it on their website! In fact, they have the complete range on their website (obviously), while Sephora Malaysia only carry a selected amount. I was lucky that I had free shipping but I know I will definitely purchase from the next time round :)

End of rant. So, let's move on to the products.

Burberry Light Glow Blush in Earthy Blush No. 07

Packaging, Price & Amount

This blush comes in a very luxurious beige box, and the pan is housed in an oh-so sleek dark silver metal casing, with tinted mirrors and the iconic Burberry checks engraved into the mirrors. It is a tad bit bulky as it is very weighted, and square but fits nicely in a Chanel Medium flap bag, and the Chanel Boy. You also get a suede pouch (which all the high-end brands are doing, anyway). You also get a mini angled blush brush and a good big mirror.

I bought this off Sephora for a whopping MYR170.00. For me, that's pretty steep for a blush - even if it comes with a decent mini brush, I still don't think it justifies the price tag. If you compare, the price for a NARS blush palette is so much more substantial, at MYR269.00 for four blushes and a mini NARS Ita Kabuki, than a single blush (and the damn brush). You do get 7g worth of product and that's quite a lot tbh. The pan is quite narrow which directs me to use a flatter brush for this product. But my Bobbi Brown blush brush is pretty pinched and flat, and works well with this blush.

Colour & Pigmentation

Earthy No.07 is very difficult to describe as it differs from every single skintone. On first bat, it comes across as a neutral taupey nude blush, when blended into the skin, Earthy No.07 gives a touch of warmth and dimension to the face. Initially I thought this won't show up on my skin because it looks damn light in the pan, and I'm a medium-fair skin tone (020 Dior foundations). But this colour did show up on my skin, and like the name suggests, it is an earthy taupey nude blush which just perks up the face and adds some colour to my cheeks (slightly peachy). I really love the fact that it is also pigmented, I mean, this baby should be pigmented considering how much I'm paying for it (it better be!) haha. I have inserted a photo above of Burberry Earthy on a lighter skin tone model, and this look is used in their 2016 Fashion Week runway. I love the glitter! Those will be available soon, on too! Yay! All in all, Earthy No.07 is a nice colour to add into my collection of muted pink blushes. It's unlike anything I've owned as I can use this blush as a contour as well. I tend to reach for more pinks when I buy blushes, and I'm looking for more orange colours/earthy tones, so leave me a recommendation if you know any blushes along those lines!

Texture, Pigmentation & Finish

The blush is very silky smooth, and I just love to take it out of my drawer and just randomly swatch it while I'm doing my CAD drawings hahaha. IT IS THAT SOFT YOU GUYS. I don't own too many blushes (how many do you need?) but Burberry No.07 is hands down the silkiest powder blush that I have, and I gravitate to it a lot these recent month. As I mentioned earlier, the pigment on this blush is very pigmented although you might need to layer it to get the true colour if you are quite tanned. You'll be able to layer this with ease and blend it into your cheeks seamlessly, I seriously have nothing bad to say about this blush. Well, maybe one thing. It has a strong scent, rose-scented, and it is a tad overpowering as you can even smell it without opening the compact. But once you've applied it, the scent does wear off, but the colour stays :) This blush has a matte finish, but some bloggers do find it to have a slight sheen. I don't think so, in my opinion, it is matte.

Honestly, a hundred and seventy is pretty steep for a blush, but I am very glad I took the plunge because this blush was so notoriously popular, and I wanted to see whether it lived up to its name. And it did. Burberry's Earthy No.07 is a cult product for a reason, and honestly, 7g of product is almost as big as a bronzer so I think this will last quite some time in my collection, as long as it is sanitised and kept properly. Earthy No.07 is a great choice if you're tired of the usual blush colours and if you're looking for versatility. Good job, Burberry.

p.s. Review on Burberry's Effortless Eyebrow Definer is up next on Saturday

Makeup Worn in Photo

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl
Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer in Sepia No.02
Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in Earthy Blush No.07
M.A.C. Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare


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