Thursday, 7 April 2016

A Little Studio Brief

Hi everyone! . So I hope everyone is hydrated well through this climate!! Just a little update from me, I will be going through my fourth semester of Architecture School and I am currently in the midst of designing furniture for the elderly home. Architecture has always been my passion in life, and I feel like architecture is an entity that I personally have an emotional attachment to - due to the fact that it has truly shaped me to be the person I am today. I have missed writing here so much and I can't wait for my final presentation to arrive so that I can chill a bit. And by a bit I mean a teensy weensy bit.

But to start off, I shall just share some updates to what you can expect from the blog soon!

As I have mentioned before, I will be reviewing some Korean makeup products and there is more coming your way! I have tested out everything in the above photo, and there are hits and misses with these *gasp* One thing I have to say though, I love the affordability of these products and how unique the textures are. Out of the bunch, I loved Moonshot Jelly Pot the most - (far left) and it is in the shade M05 Cocoa Fondue. Holy moly it is so pigmented, and does not budge and crease! It's also a matte formula for this particular shade, and it doesn't look cakey at all. I was so happy about it. A dud out of the bunch was the Peri's Milk Blur Cream. I just didn't think it did much to brighten up my skin but I think I will play around with it a little bit more. I also have contacted Peripera to whether the ingredients are safe to use, because sometimes whitening products can be a little bit unsafe to use, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. Don't worry, reviews will be coming up really soon!

The Suqqu Eyebrow Liner is already in my favourites list, and I will be doing a full demo on this product in a blogpost (stay tuned for that!). The one con of this product is that I am so afraid that the cap might come off and it will dry out the brush, so I carry the box with me if I am on-the-go. Just look at the state of the box hahahahahaha, it's like squashed and ruined. To be honest, the cap is very sturdy but since SUQQU's liners is 1) Hard to get 2) Freaking expensive, I just become a neurotic freak about it hahahahaha. And just an update, the more I use it - the greener I notice it looks. The shade is called 01 Moss Green - and in my bedroom lighting at night, yeah it looks like an ashy grey, but when I see the swatch again in natural daylight, it looks straight up Moss Green! It is really interesting, this brow liner. But so far, I'm still going strong with using this product.

I have also purchased some Catrice Eyeshadow Singles and a Wet n Wild Color Icon palette. I think I have just fell in love with drugstore shadows.. I use a lot of Chanel and Dior shadows and hands down I can say that the Wet n Wild shadows are better. They are creamier, more pigmented and just so, so deliciously smooth. I totally think that the palette has a great combinations of colours BUT they are all shimmers. So, if I'm travelling, I would have to bring along this palette with other matte shadows to complement it. I really like the colour palette - the browns, the peaches, and the Definer shade at the bottom - holy crap. It just is so pretty. This palette is called Comfort Zone. The Catrice eyeshadow single is a matte shadow, and it is a gorgeous burgundy-brown colour that reminded me a lot of the Rouge Noir by Chanel (again! Drugstore dupes!). I really love how pigmented the shadow is but granted they are a little bit dry in texture in comparison to the Wet n Wild shadows.

And lastly, I have a small Sephora haul and a PR Package from REN Skincare! I am so happy and grateful to be able to try out more of the REN Skincare range, and they actually sent me an extra bottle of the Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream (also in my all-time favourites!!). I will definitely do a giveaway of the extra bottle, too so stay tuned for that! I will usually update these things on Instagram. Can't wait to share all these makeup and skincare goodness with you all! Thank you for hanging out x

Farah x