Sunday, 30 April 2017

YSL Beauté for the Malaysian Beauties - The Low Down & The After Party

(L to R : YSL lipstick code Card, YSL slow-motion video booth)

Hi everyone! Welcome BACK to SleepingWithMakeup. First of all, thank you so much for dropping by, I really appreciate the support and all the positive vibes on my blog. And secondly, I am finally coming out of my hiatus and what better way to do that than to start with some YSL Beauté goodness?! Last Friday, on the 28th of April, Yves Saint Laurent threw a massive party which is an international event from the YSL Beauty Club. It is pretty much like a world tour kind of thing as they've had one in Korea, Russia, London, Paris etc. etc. So it was Malaysia's turn last weekend!

The party kicked off at Bukit Bintang City Centre - the place looks gorgeous. We even got our own UBER from YSL which I find very helpful - but if you know KL, you'd know KL on Fridays is just horrendous in traffic so I've decided to take a train instead! 

We got to play around with loaaaads of YSL makeup and each of the guests were given a YSL lipstick to be engraved at the event. Good news is - the same engraving service will be available at their new YSL flagship boutique that will be opened in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. I didn't get mine engraved that night just to give myself an excuse to come visit the store :P The one I've received was the Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick in the shade 12 Corail Dolman (more on these soon).

(L to R : trying on YSL Touche Eclat Cushion and Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks, YSL Vinyl Lipsticks, some of YSL's makeup brushes (super soft!), and a mess of makeup play

The party was a celebratory of the launching of YSL hence there were a lot of mingling, music and macaroons! I did do a whole YSL makeover which was amazing and I think I'm most excited for the lipsticks and their bronzers. No more going over at tiny duty free stands for YSL, as the new flagship will be the largest YSL Beauté flagship in the world!

So, here's some of my own personal list to look out for on the 3rd of May -

Les Sahariennes Bronzer, $55 - A silky balm-to-powder bronzer in a semi-matte formula (contains shimmer, but very micro-fine). I've been dying to try this out as I am a bit blush/bronzer obsessed and the shade 3, and 5 absolutely looks gorgeous. You can have a look of the different shades here 

Touché Eclat Blur Primer, $52 - Reminds me a little bit of the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, (even price-wise, but I daresay Hourglass is pricier). It claims to give the skin a smoother and glower appearance - as I am a bit on the drier side so this seems like the more hydrating option compared to the Hourglass primer.

Baby Doll Kiss and Blush, $40 - I saw this on Huda Beauty's channel where she was using the shade 10 Nude Insolent if I'm correct. And it looks so niceeeee against her skintone. I've swatched the same shade at the event and formula-wise it is much more hydrating matte lipstick due to its mousse-like texture. Definitely a staple for an on-the-go makeup bag. More shades here

Volume Effet Faux Cils (Original), $32 - Years back, a 14-year-old me gotten a set of YSL Baby Doll perfumes and their Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll mascara, and I was in love. The mascara was pitch black and coated my lashes perfectly without being clumpy. It's almost mandatory for me to try out the elder sister of the Baby Doll mascara, the Volume Effet Faux Cils - of which I'm pretty sure will wow the 24-year-old me :P

Touché Eclat Face Highlighter Pen, $42 - When I first used this in my yesteryears, I've treated it as a concealer - which was a no-no. This product works as a highlighter, without the overly- shimmer finish we get from most highlighters nowadays. I use to wear the shade 1.5 Radiant Silk and 2 Luminous Ivory but the YSL pro makeup artist chose the shade 3 Light Peach on me and it looks so, so good. So I have to recheck my shade soon before purchasing it, but, this is just a YSL classic and a must-have. Side note, this was formulated by Terry de Gunzburg which is one of my favourite makeup brand so - yeah - try it out!

(L to R : All glammed up with @bella.52 , the YSL Vinyl DJ set with REAL lipsticks as the console,
Ending the party with @minaros3 , some of YSL guests - Daeng Syahadat, Wendy Mei and Jason)

All in all, a hearty welcome to YSL from the Malaysian beauty community! You will be stunned by how amazing the community is here. Anyway, share your thoughts and excitement with me! We need a little bit of catching up to do :) 

Thank you for hanging out! x Farah A.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Is It Worth The Pain? Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Dolce K

So a lot of you have been requesting for me to review the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits and here it is (finally). I swear to God I fell for the major hype especially for Dolce K which is one of her first few shades of the liquid lipstick collection, because that colour looks so freaking good on King Kylie herself. Like, lawa nak mampus. So, I berangan la that I can look like Kylie Jenner by buying Dolce K. Hahahahahaha. So, anyway, kudos to Kylie for her successful brand, at 19 years old, cmon you gotta give credit where its due. The only marketing tools she needed was her Snapchat and Instagram and these lip kits are flying off the shelf. Literally. Whenever she restocks these mofos, it will be sold out in less than 5 minutes. And its not just her. Anything the Kardashian-Jenner sisters come out with will literally be gone in a sec. Sometimes I do feel bad for Rob Kardashian's socks line - which needs PR boost from mamma Kris herself. Sigh. Congratulations on the wedding tho Rob. We love you.

ANYWAY. LIPSTICKS. Where do I begin?

Price & Packaging

The Kylie Lip Kits comes with a set of liquid lipstick and a pencil liner. So you're kinda getting the whole package right there. For me personally, I love a lip liner for regular lipsticks but to be honest with liquid lipsticks, you don't really need a lip liner with it because the usual standards for liquid lipsticks is that you get full opacity with the colour anyway. Which is why as of now, Kylie Cosmetics has released Matte Singles of both Liquid Lipstick ($17.00) and Lip Liners, 1.0g ($14.00) as oppose to getting the whole set at ($29.00). So, there's that. Personally, for me, I would just get the lip kits because I am a lip liner fiend and its technically slightly cheaper for me (them kits still expensive tho) because I know I'll come back for the lip liner if I get the liquid lip anyway.

So, you don't get a lot of product in the liquid lipstick, at 3.25ml, whereas in comparison to Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick, you get a hefty 5.6ml at $18.00. So, in all honesty, this is quite pricey for a newly launched brand, you know what I am saying. I wouldn't have an issue to pay that much for a Make Up For Ever lipstick or NARS, because its they are well-established companies by professional makeup artists, so you know you're going to get your money's worth. Anastasia Beverly Hills (3.25ml) liquid lipsticks and Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes (5.00ml) both retails for $20.00 and Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks (3ml) are $24.00, for further price comparisons. So for me, Kylie Cosmetics comes third after Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Huda Beauty solely in terms of price point.

The Lip Kit comes in their signature Kylie Cosmetics graphic lip art and for the liquid lipstick, it has a slender and stubby doe foot applicator which is really easy to manoeuvre. BUT. I've had some issues with the pencil as the core of the pencil (the product itself) wasn't properly integrated with the casing so the product slips around while I'm using it. Not cool. I can't even sharpen it properly because it will be just break off.


Dolce K is described as a deep beige nude via but on my skin-tone it is pulling a  slightly mauve- deep nude colour, with really cool undertones. It is a colour that I can't pull off if I'm not wearing the right makeup or the right outfit because it is quite different from the usual nudes that we see. I don't have any lipsticks similar to Dolce K from my collection. It also leans a bit grey which is why it has a cooler undertone. The lip liner is very much lighter than the liquid lipstick itself and I have them swatched below so that you guys can see a comparison. The lip liner I have no issue with using to class or for coffee somewhere because it is not as dark as the liquid lipstick. It reminds me a little bit of M.A.C.'s Stripdown.

How many times have I worn this out? Three times since I've purchased it. Granted, I'm not in love with the colour. If you have a beige-neutral skin tone like mine, and you want an everyday nude from the Kylie Lip Kits shade range, go for Candy K which is a lighter and pinkier version of Dolce K or Koko K which is a pretty pink shade. Koko K is a really gorgeous shade. I feel like Dolce K would flatter lighter skin tones and darker skin tones as the colour will pop a bit more in contrast. But with medium-fair skin like mine, it almost blends in too much yet looks dark at the same time. Its a gorgeous colour, its just not my favourite. If you're in love with colours like Colourpop Beeper, Colourpop Trap, and Urban Decay 1993 I think you will LOVE Dolce K. Very 90's.

Dolce K lip liner

Dolce K lip liner + liquid lipstick

Texture & Finish

Ok, lets talk formula. For the lip liners, the formula is super creamy and glides on so well without crumbling or anything like that. To be honest, it is as creamy as the By Terry lip liners (or dare I say, creamier?). I really love the Kylie Lip Liners. The pigmentation is also very good, and it doesn't cling on to dry patches on my lips and just glides on perfectly. The only problem is the packaging issue where the core is slipping out from the handle, so if you have the Kylie Lip Kits, let me know if you're running into the same issues. The lip liners of course, have a matte finish and does not settle into the fine lines of your lips. It doesn't feel drying as it is a creamier product but I highly suggest you moisturise your lips before any application.

As for the liquid lipstick itself, the formula is very liquidy and runny at first when I got them around four months ago, since there is a lot of product on the doe foot applicator. What I like to do is to take off excess product on the sides of the tube so that I don't overload my lips with a thick layer which may cause the liquid lipstick to crumble and settle into your lip lines. With Dolce K, you do not need to double layer because it is a hundred percent opaque, the pigmentation is impressive! It dries down to a powdery matte finish and when you put your lips together it has a velvety feeling to it almost like you've taken a bit of loose powder and mattified your lips. It does feel comfortable on the lips but you can see from the photos that it can accentuate the fine lines on your lips. Nothing too crazy, I feel like all liquid lipsticks tend to do that.

Application & Wear-time

The application for the liquid lipstick is suuuuper easy as the doe foot allows me to contour my lips perfectly. Also, the liquid lipstick has a really sickly-sweet vanilla scent and flavour to it which I personally like, it smells so nice!! I'm sure you guys will love it. But if you can't tolerate scents, just a heads up. The wear-time for this is not bad, ranging from 4 - 6 hours with the need for touch ups. But to be frank, I wore the lipstick out in mid-day and the wear-down of this lipstick is not cute. It looks super crumbly and dry after a 9 to 5 class so please be prepared to excuse yourself to the ladies for a touch up after your lunch break. I think on a particular day, I completely gave up on the lipstick and took it off to swap for a more hydrating regular ol' lipstick. You have been warned. This may look good on Kylie for the whole day thanks to her glam team and when she's just going out for coffee. But if you're an architecture student in the tropics and having studio crits for one whole day, this lip kit isn't your friend.

Swatches L to R : By Terry Perfect Nude lip liner, Marc Jacobs Nude-ist Poutliner, Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liner in Dolce K, Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Matte in Dolce K, Chanel Lip Definer Mordore Nude, Catrice Cosmetics Lip Liner in Macadamia

Overall, is it worth the pain? I would say if you are a fan of Kylie Jenner, go for it. But if you're looking for a high quality liquid lipstick that will be your favourite, this is not it. The price point is not bad, but you don't get a lot of product and the formula is mediocre but it doesn't wow me. If this Lip Kit is your all-time favourite, share with us down below!! I would love to hear it!! Congratulations to Kylie Cosmetics for the rave success and becoming every girls favourite liquid lipstick, I mean there must be a reason that it is sold out in less than a minute. But I personally don't see it. Sorry King, maybe next time.

x Farah