Friday, 25 December 2015

KENS Apothecary x Christmas Haul

I briefly mentioned a recent purchase on my previous post (you can read it here). It was the Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara, and it was certainly the most stubborn waterproof mascara. I couldn't get it out of my lashes - I've tried using warm water and a cleanser, which usually does the trick. I had to resort to using an eye cream on a q-tip and rubbed the mascara out - dreadful. It's both unhealthy for my lashes and for my wallet - one tube of Chanel eye cream for make-up removal? No thank you. 

Solely because of this stubborn mascara, it was time to add a heavy-duty makeup remover into my skincare routine. Enter the micellar water - essentially a liquid with tiny, tiny particles which picks up all the grime and dirt from the skin, gently (too good to be true!!). It was first formulated due to the scarcity of clean, safe water that hit France way back in the days. Eau Micellaire remained a French pharmacie's best-kept secret, came the massive makeup revival these days, where skincare lines are paying close attention towards the micellar water. Now, you can find them absolutely everywhere and upon reading more and more about it, I was keen to try.

I dropped by KENS Apothecary (you can visit their page here), and picked up a few products to try (including said, micellar water). KENS had always been a sort of happy place for me - a minimalist decor, well-curated brand names, and an overall luxurious, satisfying retail experience - this place can do no wrong. If you haven't been there, you should. It's my go-to boutique for a By Terry fix once in a blue moon (as By Terry is outrageously expensive, dear God). I do find that I always know what I want at KENS in comparison to other department stores, mainly because KENS  do carry brands that I have used which has been consistently good. I wish they would bring in more brands to hit their shelves, and I've heard rumours that Lipstick Queen would be next! 

I've stocked up on some Caudalie products, taking advantage of the Christmas sale at KENS (amazing). I picked up the Beauty Elixir which I've been using for about 4 to 5 years, or even longer, maybe? I frequently use this when I'm at the studio or for when I'm travelling because it definitely freshens up the face when the weather is getting too warm, or when I'm feeling tired in the mornings. It has a very distinct therapeutic fragrance which is absolutely calming - it's a spa in a bottle. The sales assistant at KENS recommended to use this either as a toner or a makeup setting spray. I prefer the latter because the essential oils lends to a dewy finish. If you've over-powdered, this is a good face mist to use to correct that. I don't feel like you'd need this but its a nice touch to add in your routine. I have a love/hate relationship with the Beauty Elixir because it contains alcohol but it doesn't seem to dry out my skin . The ingredients in this product may be too harsh on the skin - fragrance, alcohol, peppermint oil - just to name a few. It does mention that the alcohol is a plant-based substance but if you're concerned about the ingredients, give this a pass and opt for a rosewater mist instead.

As for the mascara situation, which was my main reason for dropping by KENS (who am I kidding hahahaha), I've opted for the Caudalie Make-up Remover Cleansing Water to try out. Initially, I wanted to test out the Bioderma micellar water but the nearby drugstore ran out of these suckers. Anyway, first impressions - I wasn't truly impressed with the formula for the Caudalie micellar because it did take a few go's to clear up the mascara. It has a strong fruity fragrance which I don't mind, and I find that this doesn't sting my eye which is usually the case for most of the eye make-up remover that I've previously owned. The Caudalie micellar left my skin feeling very refreshed and clean so it's handy for when I need a quick fix. It is a tad sticky so it won't be able to replace my water-based cleanser. But to be honest, I will still do a proper cleanse because I'm a little neurotic about my skin. Overall, the Caudalie Cleansing Water is really gentle on the skin, and the eyes, which is most important. I love how this feels refreshing on the skin - for both the Beauty Elixir and the Cleansing Water.

The last product from the Caudalie line was the Huile Divine- a concoction of the signature Caudalie grape seed oil, extra virgin argan oil and sesame oil and grape seed polyphenols - all of which has great benefits for the skin. The Huile Divine is a dry oil so it has a very light consistency - very suitable for Malaysian weather, as well as for a normal-oily skin. I reach for the Huile Divine everyday since the purchase as it does add a lot of moisture to my skin. Other than that, I'll mix this in with the micellar water and it perfectly removes my mascara. The problem with this oil, yet again, is that it contains fragrance - which is so irritating of Caudalie to put fragrance in every other product that they have - I've loved the Caudalie Vinosource Intense Moisture Rescue Cream and was hesitant to make a repurchase due to the fragrance in the moisturiser. If you've been on the fence about Caudalie, I think picking up their Christmas sets will be a great way to try out the products without committing to paying full-price. I do love Caudalie and I have tried a lot of French luxury cosmetics - Chanel, Dior to name a few - and most of their products contain fragrances as well, so having said that, I don't find that fragrance is an ultimate deal-breaker refraining me from buying from high-end lines (yes, shoot me).

Let's touch a little bit on another brand that I've decided to test out- the REN Clean Skincare line. The brand boasts to be 100% clean - no parabens, no fragrance, no sulphates, no nothing but clean ingredients, as the name suggests. REN caters for a lot of different skin types - particularly sensitive skin - so that was the winning point for me. I did not have room for more cleansers and moisturisers, so I have purchased the REN Glow and Go instead (Beauty in a Flash in Australia/European regions). Before I start yapping, you can find REN Skincare at KENS (surprise, surprise) and  B.I.G Publika, which is awesome, because Aiman loves buying his toiletries there and I'll wind up browsing the REN shelves and be over where the Real Technique brushes are. 

The first product is the Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. The mask contains Vitamin C, and you can smell the Vitamin C from when you open the box and that gives me an immediate assurance that this mask definitely packs on a punch. The Flash Rinse is packaged in an opaque tube, for both travel-sized and full-sized items, which really stabilises the Vitamin C content in the mask. The mask is said to brighten the skin, to improve its' elasticity and to even out the skin tone - among other things. I used this in the morning, with hopes that it delivers what it has promised to do. The mask has a fine grain so if you have sensitive skin, don't go too crazy with the scrubbing, even by gently massaging it into the skin, I literally could see flakes of dead skin coming off (disgusting, I know). You first apply the product onto dry skin, massage it in for exfoliation, then dampen the skin to activate the Vitamin C, then you can leave it on for a good 1 minute (I leave it on for 5). I love that it's a quick fix and it actually works! My skin felt smoother, looks brighter, and any swelling/puffiness on the face is drastically reduced. I absolutely love and recommend this if you need that extra something for a blah skin day. 

The second item would be the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask which I have yet to try to report back on how the product works out. But so far so good with REN Skincare, as I'm really pleased with the Flash Rinse Facial, I'm expecting that the Renewal Mask will be just as good - if not better. These two products are cult favourite in the beauty world so its no wonder that it performs impeccably (or is expected to). I'm falling in love with this line and will definitely check out their serums and cleansers next. I think this can be compared a lot to Peter Thomas Roth (they make the best cleansers) and I'm really glad I've picked up the Christmas set to get an idea about the line. Since it's technically Christmas, I think this set will still be around KENS Apothecary if you're interested to make a purchase. OK, I've rambled enough about my little Christmas buy, and got a little carried away with the mini reviews on all the products. Well, I'll stop right here an I hope everyone is having a great Christmas holiday, Merry Christmas guys! 


Products Mentioned

Caudalie Beauty Elixir, 30ml, MYR60

Caudalie Huile Divine, 15ml, MYR40
Caudalie Eau Micellaire Demaquillante, MYR85
REN Glow and Go Limited Edition Kit, MYR100

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Late-Night Swatches : Chanel Le Crayon Khôl 17 Rouge Noir

When the Chanel Rouge Noir Holiday 2015 Collection arrived, I was steadfast in the studio, finalising design concepts and preparing my boards for D-Day. I was lusting over the Illusion d'Ombre Rouge Noir on Safari while CAD-ding on another desktop, and immediately placed my order at my local Chanel counter before it gets sold out. After 10 days straight at the studio, with only 3-4 hours of sleep every night, I have successfully pitch my design on the Sungai Lembing VIC (A/W15 still pending, but you can view it here), and it was finally the day I could pick up my personal Chanel trinket as a reward for being a relentless CAD machine. 

I reached the counter..... My heart dropped
Chanel has placed my reservation on the wrong Illusion d'Ombre. 

I was still adamant to own something from the Rouge Noir line. Come on, Rouge Noir is the epitome of Chanel. It celebrated their iconic Le Vernis de Chanel Rouge Noir which was their best selling nail polish, a beautiful blackened red, up to this day. Rouge Noir wasn't just a "trendy winter colour", it was a celebration of history and the success of Chanel. Something about the way this colour was created, fascinated and inspired me. But then again, I was a zombie for a couple of weeks, and Rouge Noir (in a way) has motivated me during my finals, so there's that. Since I wanted to still be a part of the Rouge Noir comeback, I picked up Le Crayon Khôl 17 Rouge Noir (MYR75), and never looked back

It. was. So. Much. Better. 

I swatched the Illusion d'Ombre Rouge Noir in stores, many many times. I expected the iconic blackened red, but it swatches a deep chocolate instead, with red and gold sparkles added to the colour. It was still gorgeous as a wash of colour, but reminded me so much of a similar colour in the Illusion d'Ombre, Ebloui , which is a part of their permanent collection. I'm a little let down with the Illusion d'Ombre Rouge Noir because it did not really live up to its name, but Rouge Noir Le Crayon Khol was exactly the Rouge Noir that I wanted. 

Left Photo (without flash) : heavy swatch, blended out
Right Photo (with flash) : light swatch, heavy swatch, blended out

Chanel Le Crayon Khôl 17 Rouge Noir has a complexity and elegance to the colour. It swatches heavy as a blackened red, and blends out beautifully with tinge of plums and chocolates to it. When blended out, you will notice a faint wash of classic Chanel sparkles - a mixture of lilacs and silver sparkles. The liner glides on smoothly on the lid without any tugging, and is easily smudged out for a wash of colour. Sometimes I feel like I'm using a cream shadow because it is so soft texture-wise. It isn't a waterproof liner, so you may want to prime the lids well to avoid having panda eyes. I would suggest to set your eye makeup with the faintest amount of the Chanel Loose Translucent Powder, too, just to be sure. 

Left Photo : applied as a liner
Right Photo : blended out for a wash of colour

I find that you also need to line your waterline with a nude beige/white liner to counteract any redness from your eyes. Since I'm applying this at 1.00 a.m. in the morning, and I was super tired, the redness in my eyes was quite obvious on-camera (with flash). It isn't something to put me off this liner though because it is a solvable issue. I've paired the look with a wash of Mary Lou Manizer on the mobile lids to add more shimmer to the eyes, as well as the inner corners. I've used the Chanel Inimitable Mascara which I have purchased together with Le Crayon Khôl 17 Rouge Noir. 

Photo : Rouge Noir 

I absolutely love this liner and will be purchasing a back-up, just in case it won't be added on to Chanel's permanent collection. I heard that the Rouge Noir Collection might make it, so let's hope for the best *fingers crossed*. Definitely recommend this liner. If you particularly have hazel eyes like mine, please give it a go!! It is such a beautiful product with an affordable price tag, too. Seventy five ringgit. It's way cheaper than Aiman's vape flavours. Yes, that is how I justify most of my purchases. Hahahahaha. I hope you've enjoyed this session of Late-Night Swatches! Good night.


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

NARS : Blame It On Nars Cheek Palette

NARS was admittedly an unfamiliar territory for me but I know that NARS was the authority for blushes, and it's only natural for my first purchase to be one of Francois Nars' bests. I've decided to go for the summer cheek palette, Blame It On Nars. It was gorgeous. The colour play between the four lovely blushes and the graphics of the packaging swooned me. NARS categorised this as a limited edition summer palette, but at first glance, I can see that this palette is able to go all season round. There are two cool-toned colours and two warm-toned colours - two gorgeous blushes, a bronzer/contour powder and a rich highlighting blush.

Packaging & Content :

The Blame It On Nars palette comes in an acrylic packaging instead of their usual rubberised compact (which I find can get a tad dirty if you don't store it carefully). It also has a very beautiful cover print and "NARS" frosted on the acrylic glass in white (love). The palette comes with -

Satellite of Love highlighting blush (Andy Warhol Pop Holiday 2012 Collection) *
Day Dream blush (Guy Bourdin Holiday 2013 Collection) *
New Attitude blush (Nars Final Cut Nordstrom Exclusive Collection) *
Casino bronzing powder 
an Ita Kabuki Brush No. 28 **

*limited edition 

L to R (top row) : Satellite of Love, Casino,
L to R (bottom row) : Day Dream, New Attitude

Price :

This palette retails for MYR269, which is still quite pricey. But I completely think the otherwise after breaking down the prices of each product. For the 3 blushes in the palette, you get almost 83.3% from the full-size pan blushes (the palette contains 4g while the full-size is 4.8g) and as for the bronzer you get 3/5 of the full-size in this palette. The Ita Kabuki No. 28 has permanently been discontinued and it is only sold with palette collections while 3 of the blushes are from limited edition collections (only available online), so that's something to consider as well. The Ita Kabuki No. 28 alone retailed at MYR164 and the powders in total would cost you MYR412. That's MYR576 in actual cost. You're paying 50% less. So, I'd say that this is a steal. 

Texture, Colour and Use :

Satellite of Love

I'd describe this highlighting blush as a very warm beige-y nude which has a lot of sparkle in it. The sparkles in Satellite of Love remind me a lot of the Illusion d'Ombre by Chanel where the shimmer in the product twinkles on your skin, rather than giving it a sheen. I swatched this next to The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer and Benefit's Watts Up and I find that Satellite of Love leans super warm and has much more colour than the other two which are both pale golds with more of a sheen to them. The shimmer particles in Satellite of Love dispersed quite sheer and very scattered, it has a less concentrated look to it which won't leave harsh edges when applied. It gives a lift to the skin, which I like when my skin is feeling dull. This highlighter is a limited edition product from the Andy Warhol line. You can purchase it individually here and here.

L to R : Benefit's Watts Up, NARS' Satellite of Love, The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer

Day Dream 

Day Dream is a gorgeous light-medium pink with coral undertones. On me, it pulls more pink then coral and I can spot a teeny tiny bit of gold shimmers on the skin when applied. I think of this colour as something I would go for on a brunch date or mixed in slightly with a bronzer (think AERIN 01 Natural). I find that I prefer to use this over my Chanel tweeds because of the buttery texture. Chanel blushes can be quite scratchy sometimes  (especially the baked blushes) whereas this feel so smooth on the skin. I don't use the Ita Kabuki for the blushes as I prefer to use it exclusively for contouring. Instead, I opt for my trusty Bobbi Brown blush brush. Softest brush ever. The product distributes evenly and since I use a very light hand with my application, I do need to build it up to the intensity I want, which I don't mind since I'm using such a soft brush, it feels almost therapeutic. Day Dream is also a NARS exclusive from the Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection and it's practically sold out everywhere, but you can try your luck on eBay.

New Attitude

New Attitude is something you can get addicted to very quickly. Against my skin tone, New Attitude is a bright blue-based baby pink that looks absolutely gorgeous on the skin. The finish is a satiny matte finish, I believe that there's no shimmer in this blush. It looks shockingly bright in the pan but it applies softer and more subtle than I expected. I should think that if you have a fairer skin tone, it will show up as it would in pan, so swipe the brush on the back of your hand first. I like to wear New Attitude with the Casino bronzer, it's the ultimate pairing that looks delicious on the skin, and softens Casino which gives me the glow that I was looking for all my life (lol dramatic). I swear guys, NARS and Guy Bourdin really killed it with this one. I am really glad that this palette came with New Attitude and Day Dream instead of Orgasm (which is almost all the palette NARS have had before) and some other colour. New Attitude is truly a unique colour in the blush department. There's a full-size compact here. When I said full-size, I do mean it literally - because there's only 1 left.

L to R : Satellite of Love, Day Dream, New Attitude, Casino


Now this bronzing powder is described as a diffused deep brown with golden shimmers on the NARS website. It comes off exactly as described on the warmth of my skin (because of said golden shimmers) and it has a beautiful olive undertone to it, so it doesn't become too orange on the skin. I hardly contour with Casino as this is a true bronzer. Unlike The Balm's Bahama Mama bronzing powder, which has a grey tinge to it, making it a perfect contour shade, the Casino bronzer is to be used sparingly with the Ita Kabuki (or any contour brushes) to diffuse it on the temples of your forehead and across the cheekbones in circular motions. It is definitely for people who are more experienced with bronzing/contouring because the colour payoff is so intense. But I love it. It may work on the fairer skin tones if you use a light hand. Sparingly. The Casino bronzer is very different from Laguna as Laguna leans golden while Casino is a true brown with olive undertones. 

Ita Kabuki Brush No. 28 

Ita Kabuki No. 28 :

This brush has medium-densely packed bristles, which allows me to pick up enough product without overdoing it. The bristles are fairly long and soft, and the handles of the brush are short for better control. The shape of the brush is perfect for both contouring and for an all over glow. The brush has a straight cut with a very narrow and flat shape to it. I use the straight edge of the brush to concentrate the colour and to sculpt the cheekbones. For an all over glow, simply sweep the brush as you would with a blush brush lightly across the perimeters of the face. I love that the Ita Kabuki No. 28 is not too densely packed and feels soft and luxurious on the skin. I don't think I'll be purchasing the No. 21 (which is essentially the same brush but with a longer handle) because I find that the short handle is an advantage to get better control. It's not your usual brush but it's an interesting one to have in your collection. 

Application :

I primed my entire face with the Hourglass Veil primer, cancel out any redness on the skin with the RMK Super Basic Concealer (a hot poured concealer which is a great alternative of Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage) and paired the look with a nude lipstick so that it doesn't compete and overpower the blushes. 

I've used the New Attitude blush instead of Day Dream, because I lav it and it shows up better on-camera. As for contour and highlight, I applied Satellite of Love at the highest points of my face with a Real Techniques Contour Brush (on the cupid's bow, top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, between the brows), and the Casino bronzer on the temples of my forehead, across the hairline and at the cheekbones with the Ita Kabuki Brush No.28 . The overall effect brings out the warmth of my skin and makes the nude lip look more lively, in my opinion. 

I'm very glad that this palette was my first purchase at NARS and it has made me fall head over heels with the brand. Texture of the powders are top-notch quality and I've been lugging this palette in my school bag on a daily basis (mainly because I do my makeup in the car). It doesn't need reapplication and lasts through the afternoon heat, monsoon rain, studios with malfunctioning airconds, lunch at mamaks, just about anything really- which is expected from NARS. Overall, I'd say give this palette a go if you missed out on the limited edition blushes and highlights, which it such a good addition to any makeup collection because the colours are unique. If not, you are sure to find something you'll like from their Steven Klein collection, which I am sure is just as amazing. I am definitely a converted #NARSISSIST. So yes, 

 I do Blame It On Nars


Full List of Products Used :

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF15
Diorskin Star Concealer in 02
Blame It On Nars cheek palette (duh)
RMK Super Basic Concealer in 2
Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows
Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel
Chanel Inimitable Mascara in Noir
Marc Jacobs New Nudes in Anais
Real Techniques Detailer Brush
Real Techniques Contour Brush
RMK Eyelash Curler

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Late-Night Swatches : Rimmel Exaggerate x Lasting Finish Lip Pencils

I confess. I am a lip liner fiend. I'd rather buy lip liners than lipsticks, and having said that, I have tried and tested various liners from the deep sea of luxury brands - Chanel, By Terry, Urban Decay, as well as a mix of mid-end to drugstore lines like MAC, and Rimmel. Well, I prefer la compagnie des le crayon à levres, simply because,

A. It's cheaper

B. I can just add lip balm before/after putting liners on if it gets too drying
C. It lasts longer than a lipstick
D. I have pigmented lips

Today's swatches will be of the two versions of lip liners that Rimmel London has come up with. Rimmel London wasn't readily available in KL but you can get your hands on them via Instagram 

L to R : Exaggerate Liners in 063 Eastend Snob, 024 Red Diva and Lasting Finish liners in 011 Spice, 050 Tiramisu

He got me two shades from the Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner, £5.39, which were 

024 Red Diva

063 Eastend Snob

and two from the Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner (one thousand .. really?), £2.99 (!!), in the shades

050 Tiramisu (the colour I wanted)

011 Spice

The difference between the Exaggerate liners and the Lasting Finish is in its'

1. Price, Exaggerate liners are more expensive because it is a twist up liner 

2. Texture, Exaggerate liners are creamier, lasts longer, despite it being the creamier one
3. Pigmentation ..? Nope ! I'm happy to report that both are equally as pigmented !

Let's start with the swatches 

024 Red Diva 

The colour is a blue-based red, which I prefer in reds. When using the Exaggerate liners you have to make sure that you don't twist up the liner too much because it will break. It's that creamy. So use a light hand and twist up just a tiny bit to prevent the product from breaking. This liner glides on like buttaaah and doesn't budge even after eating and drinking. I use this to fill my whole lips and I didn't need to apply a lip balm afterwards because it does feel comfortable on the lips. Love. 

063 Eastend Snob 

Eastend Snob is a lovely blue-based baby pink, and, it's considered a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk. Tho, this is the colour I don't reach out for as much as the other three because the blue tones shows up a little bit more on me than it does on other people (whyyyyy). Texture-wise, since it's from the Exaggerate line, is as creamy as Red Diva and I use this with a warmer nude lipstick on top to counteract the blue tones. If you like Pillow Talk, definitely give this a go. 

050 Tiramisu 

This is the colour that I wanted to try out, and after trying it, it immediately became one of my go-to colours. Tiramisu is a medium nude with hints of brown and (some) pink undertones. It leans more brown (as the name suggests) than pink. I can compare this a lot to the By Terry lip liner in the shade Perfect Nude. The texture of the Lasting Finish liners are creamy enough to glide on the lips. And if used without balm, you won't experience any tugging, too. Since it's a nude shade, my dry patches aren't accentuated but I do need to go over it twice to get full coverage because my lips are pigmented. This works on all skin types I find. Best on medium skin tones. I wear this colour on its own most of the time. Such a pretty nude. 

011 Spice 

I was obsessed with Spice during the "autumnal" times. In KL, autumn basically means Starbucks serving pumpkin spice lattes, ZARA fashion buyers bringing in pointless coats and heavy thick sweaters that I can only use in air-conditioned lecture halls, and a whole lot of rain (aka monsoon season or better known as tidur time). Spice, for me, is a deeper version of Tiramisu, with more pink undertones. As I said, it is the perfect autumn/winter colour to wear. I have no complaints with this liner. For some reason, Spice glides on much better than Tiramisu, and is also much much more pigmented. I only need to go over my lips once to get full coverage and it will last me the whole day. The Lasting Finish liners claim to last over "1000 kisses" ... but in food-terms, it lasts me throughout lunch (a Malaysian one, too. Rice, lauk, teh ais, the whole works) , so that works for me ;) 

L to R : 063 Eastend Snob, 024 Red Diva, 011 Spice, 050 Tiramisu

For the price, Rimmel liners is a major steal. It's creamy, it's definitely pigmented and in the colour selection, you get all sorts of different shades of nude for every skin tones. So lawa. I love these liners and for my Lasting Finish liners, it's all already so short because I have to sharpen it so often due to the exceedingly frequent use. These don't come with sharpeners but I'm sure all of us have a few stashed away in our Muji drawers (I have lost count on how many sharpeners I own). Definitely products to try out since it's so affordable. Don't buy the tuna sandwich, run down to Boots around the corner and get your hands on these instead. 

x Farah

Friday, 11 December 2015

Inglot Cosmetics : Collective Haul x Review

I was gushing over Inglot when I saw it on one of EasyNeon's eye looks, as she uses Inglot eyeshadows in almost all her tutorials, it looked so buttery and smooth, I've had to try it. So I've looked up Inglot Malaysia and to my surprise they have two flagship stores in KL. One at Mid Valley and another at Sunway Pyramid. I have been two both stores and I prefer the Sunway Pyramid outlet just because it has a higher ceiling (architecture matters haha). I really hate being at a store that has a low ceiling because it makes me feel constricted and blergh. 


After watching a few reviews online, I was keen to get two items off Inglot. First being the (Double Sparkle) DS 502 which is the dupe for the Chanel Notorious Ombre Contrast Sculpting Veil, a limited edition product which has sold out a million years ago. And the second product was the Inglot Matte Lipstick in 405, which is a beautiful mauve colour, which also has been compared often times to MAC Taupe. I didn't manage to get these products at the Mid Valley store, but I managed to get a hold of them at the Sunway Pyramid outlet. So, after a few trips to Inglot, I have gotten these items -

Freedom System Palette EB , MYR40 

Freedom System Face Blush in 28, MYR45
Freedom System Eyeshadows in DS 502, M 342, M 312, each MYR35
Lipliner FM in 853, MYR70*
Lipstick Matte in 405, MYR65*

*Have to recheck the prices, lost the packaging

1. Freedom System Palette

1. Freedom Palette System EB, 3 slots for square pans and 1 for rectangular pans
2. L to  R : Blush in 28, Eyeshadow in DS 502, 342 M, 312 M

Packaging :

The Inglot Freedom System palette is definitely up my alley. The packaging is sleek, sturdy and magnetic. All the eyeshadows and blushers, even other cream products available like concealers are magnetised so you don't have to worry about the products dropping out of the palette. The transparent cover with Inglot logo printed on is made of frosted glass which is heavily magnetised so you can't "lift" the cover up but to slide it laterally because it won't budge. Don't worry, its not annoying. Its very weighted so it feels very luxurious. 

Product Description : 

The palette I've made in Inglot contains a mixture of soft neutrals and very beautiful autumnal colours - 

Face Blush 28 , soft mauve with earthy undertones
Eyeshadow DS 502 , muted grey with fine shimmers and a hint of brown
Eyeshadow M 342 , warm taupe 
Eyeshadow M 312 , a mixture of pinks and oranges, leans more towards a coral shade

Texture and Use : 

The pigmentation is very opaque. I find that I just need to tap lightly into the pan with a brush (for both eyeshadows and blush) and I get the colour pay-off that I need. It blends out so smoothly and even if you use a sh*tty brush, you can't go wrong with blending these babies out. In comparison to Urban Decay's shadows these feel just as buttery and also you don't get too much fall out like the UD shadows. DS 502 doubles as a contour colour to carve out the cheekbones like the Chanel Notorious Sculpting Veil, by using a small fluffy eyeshadow brush you can place DS 502 at the start of the cheekbones to deepen the contour. Sparingly, of course. 

2. Lip Products

1. Lipstick Matte in 405
2. Full Metal Lip Liner is 853
3. Lipliner Brushes : T to B : Chanel (latest) , Chanel (older) , Inglot 

Product Description (Lipstick Matte): 

Inglot's Lipstick Mattes collection carries 30 colours in total from nudes to the deepest ... black. I am not sure whether they carry the Black Swan collection in KL, but yes, they make black lipsticks too. I picked up a mauve shade (405) which compliments my skin tone very very well. I love this colour and I wouldn't stop using this on a daily basis. I have quite a neutral undertone and a medium to light skin tone and I often times use this colour to brighten up my face when my skin feels really dull (those blah skin days).

Texture , Use and Scent :

The matte lipstick really is quite difficult to work with (despite the gorgeous colour) as it tugs on your lips when you first apply it. The formula is very mattifying which is why it doesn't glides on like butter. I always first warm up the bullet with the back of my hands and use a lip cream with this (not a balm) and it makes the application easier. After applying it does feel comfortable and does not make your lips feel too dry. The wear time of these is incredible, I could be at the studio from 7 am to 7 am the next day and the lipstick is still intact, no joke. AND may I add that this lipstick has a very strong bubblegum scent and taste which I personally like but do try these out in-store before purchasing them. Inglot does sanities the bullets before applying it on you and the staff are very very helpful in terms of choosing colour for you. 

Product Description (Lipliner Full Metal) :

The Full Metal lip liner is an automatic twist up liner with an unbelievable colour pay-off. I feel that Inglot's major niche is to deliver really good pigmented products and very unique textures. The lipliner shade 853 can be accurately described as a deep nude with more reddish-brown undertone. I would almost always pair this lip liner with Revlon's Matte Balm in Complex to give a really beautiful effect of a brighter nude. I don't use this under the Inglot lipstick as it is so opaque that the liner wouldn't be visible. This liner has the tiniest hint of shimmer BUT it doesn't change the overall matte effect of the lip liner, it just makes the lips fuller. 

Texture and Use :

The lip liner is very soft and creamy and glides on very well. I don't usually use lip liners to just line the lips but to fill the whole lips and I've used this liner pretty often and I still have a lot of product left in the bullet. This lip liner comes with a densely packed soft white bristle lip brush which I use to layer lipsticks on when I'm using the liner. In comparison to the Chanel lip liner brushes, the Inglot brush has longer bristles and more densely packed which picks up more product and is quicker to use. The Inglot brush is soft as it is, but compared to Chanel, I must say Chanel is softer because is it less packed. 

 L to R : Blush in 28, Eyeshadow in DS 502, M 342, M 312, Lipstick Matte in 405, Lipliner FM in 853

Overall : I find that I favour Inglot eyeshadows over any other brands including Chanel and Urban Decay. They have a considerably lower price points than the usual luxury buys. And they are even better than most! Trust me, pick up one or two pans to try out. I hear that their AMC shadows are amazing too. I get complimented on my lips and lip colour everytime I've used the Inglot lip products which means the colours of these products really does work well with my skin tone. I'm actually very pleased with the overall selection that I've picked out from Inglot with very soft neutrals and autumnal earthy tones. I am excited to try more of Inglot, especially their brow products since I've recently misplaced my Chanel brow pencil :( All in all, I do have a soft spot for Inglot and it is one of my 5 favourite lines alongside By Terry, Laura Mercier, Chanel, and Dior. 

This brand totally deserves an Obama fist bump for being uber cool. 

x Farah